Marine Power Products has developed novel science and technology known as Active Ion Displacement or “AID.” This technology has the potential to reverse climate change and global warming while generating clean and renewable energy from natural resources.

In the 2000s, we invented this process which accepts warm water (from 110℉ with Nuclear, Solar, or Geothermal or heat of process and produces pure hydrogen and oxygen without electricity or toxic emissions. This hydrogen can be burned to generate electricity, synthesized into gasoline, diesel, or jet fuels used to purify water, build compounds like fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics, as well as convert toxic emissions from fossil-fired power plants into harmless and valuable commodity products.  

For over 16 years, our group has advanced the development of AID technology to a pre-pilot level. The AID technology has been under critical review from major US scientific and engineering communities. We have developed 21 prototypes (the latest under computer control) and filed over 20 patients with ten more anticipated and received 15 US patents to date.

We are currently being hosted and incubated by The Climate Protection Consortium to build five pilot plants in suitable nations over the next two years. If our technology works, we will activate a worldwide licensing agreement from the Alliance of Nations for global infrastructure within the next five years.